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Practice Areas

Our lawyers have significant experience in assisting issuers going public through a business combination with a SPAC.

Our Practice Areas

Our lawyers have significant experience in assisting issuers going public through a business combination with a SPAC. We advise both underwriters and issuers in SPACs’ transactions and we counsel on structuring the transaction, negotiating letter of intent, carrying out due diligence process, and drafting merger and ancillary agreements.

We also provide target companies with advice and assistance for any agreement related to the business combination and to the profitability concerns of SPAC deals.

Yet in the market we have experienced many SPAC listings such as in Malaysia in the Oil and Gas sector or in Sweden, etc.. Sometimes the consequences of such ventures were extremely negative and brought to a delisting of the SPAC (the 2019 delisting of Matra Petroleum AB or the 2014 delisting of Matrix Capacity Petroleum Bhd). For this reason, at SPAC Consultancy Limited we believe that legal and economic opinions are a deal breaker in SPAC deals.

As a first step we provide issuers, underwriters, and target companies with legal opinions. Indeed, we believe that the success of every SPAC is directly connected to the careful examination of the best jurisdiction and market to set up a SPAC as well as to the right composition of the shareholding capital. To have a legal opinion before initiating an IPO can save your money and time as a promoter and can provide you with the right confidence to complete a business combination by seeking funds from investors on the right market. On the other hand, underwriters and target companies can be comfortable with a legal opinion that confirms that you are supporting a successful SPAC where the risk of being delisted or the event of failing the business combination due to the exercise of a veto right is significantly reduced. Such evaluations can only be carried out by our group of experts.

Additionally, we provide issuers and underwriters as well as investors with commissioned studies about SPAC markets, deals or capital structures. For more information please contact us.

Finally, we advise investment vehicles known as special purpose vehicles (SPV). These differ from SPACs, but they are still a useful corporate tool for many business transactions such as project finance, private equity, securitization, etc.. In this regard, we provide you with timely and accurate advice with a dedicated team of specialised lawyers.

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How We Can Help in SPAC deals

Corporate and Contract law 

  • SPACs structure for issuers 
  • SPACs legal opinions for issuers, underwriters and target companies 
  • Due diligence reports 
  • Letter of intents  
  • Structuring a business combination
  • Timeframe considerations
  • Trust accounts, escrow accounts and expenses
  • Proxy statements
  • Shareholder approvals and redemptions
  • Liquidation / winding up 
  • Tax issues


  • America Exchanges listing rules and procedures 
  • Canada Exchanges listing rules and procedures 
  • South America Exchanges listing rules and procedures 
  • Europe Exchanges listing rules and procedures 
  • Asia Exchanges listing rules and procedures (Malaysia, China and Korea) 
  • Africa Exchanges listing rules and procedures (South Africa)

Studies in law and economics 

  • Commissioned studies for SPAC market, SPAC deals, SPAC structures. 
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